Block Exemption Regulation (BER) Audits


TOPTEST has extended its products range for automobile makers and importers by audits of compliance with quality standards. We can do so after our experts went through specialized training in certification of quality management systems (QMS – ISO 9001) and accreditation of inspection bodies.


Block exemptions

In terms of European Commission Regulation No. 1400/2002, the car manufacturers were obliged to comply with the conditions for distribution, sale and service of vehicles, as well as the sale of spare parts. The outcomes of this process are the new sales and servicing standards to be complied by contract partners of car manufacturers.


Audit of compliance with standards


Compliance with the valid regulations and criteria is usually checked by audits provided by car manufacturers, or their national representatives, respectively.
The conclusions of the audit of sales and service standards allow to support manufacturer/importer‘s decision about further contracting or termination of contract with a partner.


Audits: Should you use internal resources or external services?


The execution of audit by an impartial and independent body as TOPTEST has some unquestionable advantages. The processes are evaluated in a transparent manner, since there is not any history of personal relations; any bias of evaluator is excluded. Meanwhile, the professional staff of manufacturer or importer does not need then to take care for this routine, regular assessment, and refocus to quality improvement and brand building.
Moreover, the effective audits require the specialized training and permanent learning of auditors, primarily in compliance with quality management ISO 9001:2000. We believe it is more effective if our specialized staff takes care for this area.


Our services


We provide the complete program of regular verification of standard compliance (BER audits) and permanent quality assessment of sales and service points (mystery shopping, phantom testing).

If you would like to verify the effect of our services, please contact us and we will prepare the package of services customized for your needs and relevant for your dealership network.