Phantom Testing


Car manufacturers and sellers found out a long time ago that it is not enough to sell and pass a vehicle to a new client, but also to provide them the quality after-sale services, to make a satisfied customer returning back. It has been well known that the first vehicle might be sold by a nice showroom and the seller’s smile, but each next car is “sold” only by a good and reliable after sale service.


People should not check themselves

The systematic monitoring of service technicians might be a very effective tool to maintain or increase the market share of a producer or a reseller. Phantom test could become one of the main tools to verify the quality and scope of services provided by the authorized representatives of each brand. Successful producers and importers of vehicles delegate the monitoring onto independent organizations which are able to evaluate the services objectively and impartially. TOPTEST is one of such companies.


How does the phantom test work?


The test reviews the extent and quality of the service works performed within the regular car check. Besides the impartial appreciation of effectiveness of the service at fixing the real and simulated defects in a vehicle, it also evaluates the standards of communication and documentation from the standpoint of a common customer.

The test is performed according to service standards given by the vehicles´ producer or importer. The vehicle is inspected and checked by the technical inspector of TOPTEST before the monitoring visit of a car service. The vehicle preparation for the phantom test is available within the whole Slovakia. In case there are no defects in the vehicle, the inspector will simulate such problems, which should be detected within the standard scope of a car check.


What is the gain of phantom testing?


What will the customer gain? – Higher quality of services.

What will car service or reseller gain? – Appreciation of their operations from the importer, satisfied customers, good references, high potential of gaining new customers.

What will the car producer/importer gain? Improved image of the brand for the customers, potential to retain the clients, option to gain customers of other brands.

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