Implementation of ISO 9001


The organizations performing technical inspections and emission checks are exposed to growing demands of State and the customers focused on the quality. In a highly competititive environment, managers have been compelled to deal with the quality and consistency of services, their permanent improvement to satisfy the customers´ needs while keeping the cost under control. The Quality Management System (QSM) according to the standard STN EN ISO 9001 is one of the basic tools for achieving and maintaining the quality.


Why right now?


Until recently, execution of the periodical technical inspection (PTI) in Slovakia was provided by law solely by inspection points which could count on the “regular supply” of the clients. However, in the last few years, the number of PTI stations has increased significantly and their proximity has caused that they found themselves in a competitive environment. To be successful in such a kind of business means to gain the clients and to retain them. Skilful and innovative manager looks for the effective ways how to differentiate from the competitors, to offer the client a higher added value and to increase their trust in quality services. The implementation of the Quality Management System, showing an effort to provide a high standard of service, to monitor their satisfaction and requirements, might help the customers at their choice. Moreover, it is a proven fact that the company, performing their activities according to the Quality Management System, is more economical and more effective.

At the same time, the responsibility, motivation and obligation of all employees is growing. Besides that, the certified Quality Management System has been becoming more and more the requirement of public tenders in the area of inspection services.

In relation with the implementation of the QMS according to ISO 9001 we would like to offer you:


  • free consulting service with recommendation of the most suitable solution,
  • expert analysis of the current status, ,
  • tailored QMS documentation, ,
  • pre-certification audit,
  • formal declaration of implemented system by the proclamation,,
  • assistance at the certification audit by an accredited domestic or foreign certification authority,
  • further post-certification assistance: maintenance of the documentation and processes in accordance with the standard using the internal audits.


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