Road Assistance Testing


Road assistance services constitute one of the important after-sale services provided to motorists. Above all they are focused on fixing the technical defects of a vehicle on the road, eventually towing to the service location or to a place designated by the client as well as necessary aid and assistance to the crew of the vehicle (foreign language interpreters, accommodation, repair provisions etc.).

Road assistance is certainly an important service which we would appreciate for example in a critical situation on a holiday trip abroad.

Nowadays, car sellers, insurance and credit cards companies offer the assistance services. Whether the promises will be kept, a common customer verifies only once in a while. Only then they find out whether you they successfully reach the hot-line telephone number and whether somebody really shows up to help. The experience, positive or negative, is really strong.


Quality test of road assistance services


The quality test monitors the availability and overall standard of a service provided to the crew of the vehicles in case of a defect or another event that makes the further drive impossible. The operability, willingness of involved personnel and expert ability of a technician at fixing the problem is examined throughout all the process. The test is typically performed outside of the ordinary working hours of the service provider.


How does the quality test of assistance services work?


A technical inspector immobilizes a vehicle by simulating a defect disabling the further drive. Subsequently he contacts the hot-line of the assistance service (or directly the tested garage) by phone and reports his or her problem. The whole servicing process is reviewed. Willingness and operability, speed, ability to remove the defect on the spot etc. is evaluated. After completing the test, the inspector elaborates the detailed report on the whole test and records all important data according to the requirements of the contracting party.

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