Mystery E-mailing


Yet also Slovak customers replace the phone communication by the electronic mail and expect adequately prompt and sophisticated response. The proportion of e-mail communication will further grow.

Mystery e-mailing examines the willingness, technical and communication standard of the workers of the showroom or car service (salesperson, receiving technician) at the simulated e-mail communication with a customer. The professionalism, skillfulness and time to reply a simulated query from the potential customer is reviewed. Examination of ability to reply the e-mail in a foreign language can be also the subject of examination.

We use the method of so called Email Response Index (ERI) for the evaluation. ERI provides the contracting party the information how the individual persons tackle the e-mail communication with their actual or potential clients. The ERI index combines the factors as wheter an e-mail was replied, what was the time to reply and its quality. The maximum range of the Email Response Index is 100.


How does the e-mailing work?


Within one week, one e-mail request is sent to the tested party every day. The text of the individual queries is prepared in cooperation with the contracting party. The frequency and way of sending the e-mails can be negotiated with the contracting party.

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