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Phantom Testing

Car manufacturers and sellers found out a long time ago that it is not enough to sell and pass a vehicle to a new client, but also to provide them the quality after-sale services.

Mystery Shopping

Collection of information from showrooms providers by people posing as ordinary customers has been a well-established marketing method used for anonymous and impartial quality valuation.

Road Assistance Testing

Assistance services constitute one of the important after-sale services provided to motorists. Above all they are focused on fixing the technical defects of a vehicle, eventually towing to the service location.


Mystery Calling

Mystery calling examines the willingness, expertise and communication standard of the service or sales representatives at a simulated telephone booking for a repair or car check.

Introduction of the Company

TOPTEST Ltd. is an independent and impartial inspection organization operating in the area of automobile industry. The company was established in May 2006 and is targeted particularly the objective appraisal and examination of the quality in the area of sale, maintenance, diagnostics, repairs and check of vehicles (mystery shopping and phantom testing). The support of the customer’s orientation of the vehicle testing stations and emissions control workstations has been another important activity. At growing number of testing workstations the orientation aimed at a client involving implementation of the system of the quality management, Internet propagation and regular control of satisfying of communication standards might be an effective tool that could decide the success of business in a competitive area in future.


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